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ZENDZ is an cross payment system based in Indonesia

Our services are built on a strong idea - make a difference

ZENDZ is built on excellence. Our international team is composed of diverse, highly talented and motivated individuals with a collective experience of more than 10 years in banking, and information technology. ZENDZ is a trusted partner for money transfers all over the world, and you can even visit us in person at our office in Jakarta which is undergoing an affiliate process in several major countries in Asia such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia where the countries are. one of the sources of Indonesia's state division in terms of sending potential workers. At ZENDZ, we act quickly to ensure that our prices, foreign exchange rates, agency opportunities and customer service remain highly competitive in terms of local markets. Using a hybrid of our expertise and the latest available technology, we have created the most convenient and reliable way for you to send money and digital assets to your family, friends and loved ones.

Hello! I'm Isybel Harto and I am the founder and CEO of ZENDZ

One of our main goals when ZENDZ first started was to make money transfers truly convenient and seamless to meet the various needs and habits of diverse people, as well as to create choices for millions of people who previously had no access. We've noticed that people send money for a variety of reasons, ranging from important to very urgent. As a result, our services are built on reliability, comprehensive support and personal assistance. To further reduce costs, increase speed and reliability, we have used blockchain technology. Today we are the Indonesian Headquarters which is connected using blockchain to many other payment payers. We are also one of the first Asian companies to offer Blocchain, ZENDZ's stable, cash-backed remittance market price. We always make sure to do our best to have your friends and family receive your transfers as soon as possible. That's true convenience and reliability If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. Offers only MARKET FULFILLMENT COSTS and REAL EXCHANGE PRICES

Hello! I'm Zeva and I am the co-founder of ZENDZ

At ZENDZ, most of us are expats from different countries who have supported our families from afar for years. This is why we understand that often you send more than money, you send support and education, you send opportunities for personal growth and a better tomorrow to your loved ones. Reducing money transfer costs by even a few percent saves billions of dollars each year, and has the potential to increase hundreds of thousands of lives. This is why we fight every day to offer you the fairest rates overall, ensuring that you save money with every single transfer! Want to see how little you have to spend when sending money with ZENDZ? Click here to view our Rate Calculator.

Hello! I am Aryo Utomo the co-founder and COO of ZENDZ.

You may be wondering, how does ZENDZ manage to provide superior service in a highly competitive space? The answer is simple: the machines that drive the transformation of our existing remittance business model to our superior model are best-in-class technology. For this reason, it is important to underline that we are not only specialized in money transfer, but also information technology. We continue to innovate and explore new technological breakthroughs to make life easier for clients and members. And as one would expect from a true startup, our goal is to make sure you benefit from tomorrow's technology, today. That is why we use blockchain technology and are the core remitance business for the Asian market