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Checking Balance

Quickly checking your balance on your bank account.

Support Banks

Install one application to gather all information in one touch for 6 banks in Indonesia

History Transaction

Completely trace history transaction for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month up to 6 months

What is Statement

Access to real-time customer transaction data and balances.

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Checking your Balance

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Hide your Balance

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Show your Balance

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Why this is so unique ?

One Integration, Multiple Banks

Summary of customer data across all user bank accounts.

Convenient Data Retrieval

Automatically fetch customer's financial details. No paper, in-branch visits, and long waiting times.

Financial Data Points

Access comprehensive transaction data, balances, and identity verification in real-time.

Our Users Say.

When we want to see balances and also transactions that occur in several of our bank accounts, we often complain that we forget our username and password to access our bank accounts. Not to mention if you want to see some other banks, which of course will make it difficult for us to remember many things. For that we need an application that provides a solution to this problem. We, Zendz have thought about this and it will be a very useful feature for everyone.


Mudah sekali untuk melihat saldo dan transaksi dari 3 bank yang sering saya gunakan .

Mikhael Project Manager

Cara menggunakannya simple dan ngakk ribet, dibandingkan dengan dari applikasi banknya sendiri.

Mariana Pegawai Swasta

Untuk memeriksa data 3 bulan transaksi yang dilakukan di bank menjadi lebih mudah dan mudah unutk di gunakan

Ridwan Nasir Pemilik warung ayam geprek

Transaksi yang banyak setiap harinya membuat saya bingung untuk mengkelompokan mana pemasukan dan pengeluaran dengan menggunakan aplikasi bank, akhirnya setelah mencoba fitur Zendz ini, justru saya lebih mudah untuk menganalisa keuangan saya.

Maradon Sihombing Pemilik 3 toko roti

Sekali mencoba fitur ini, saya langsung jatuh cinta. Bagaimana tidak, saya bisa akses 5 bank saya hanya dengan 1 aplikasi saja

Nia Melita Freelancer Content Writer

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