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Payment will be easier now by using QR-Code. Only by using a cellphone, open the camera and do a scan, then the payment is complete.

QR Code Payment Method

An easiest way to do payment in seconds.

Users LOVE IT !

Quick and error free - It easy for you to doing payment directly from your phone and save them time.


Payment everywhere - It can be printed and placed anywhere, you can complete payments from a safe distance.

Users NO CARDS !

Mobile device only - It will eliminate any need for cards or payment terminals, just need to scan a code.


QR codes Payments

Accepting card payments on your phone has never been easier thanks to our clever QR code technology. Simply tap in the amount you want to charge your customer then ask them to scan the code. There’s no need for a separate card reader and payments are 100% secure.


What they say about payment using QR-Code ?

Some of our users love us & so we do!

Jauh lebih mudah menggunakan pembayaran makanan dengan QR-Code

Maria Coffee Lover

Tidak perlu report untuk menghitung kembalian uang, karena semuanya langsung terpotong sesuai harga

Afton Pet Lover

Antrian saat pembayaran tidak seperti dulu lagi, karena sistemnya sekarang jauh lebih mudah dan sederhana

Melissa Shooping Lover