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Cashless Society

New Era will bring us to new standart in payment system. With support of electronic wallet, everything will be easy. You also can deposit your money with free administration, compare to Bank which they will charge you Rp 5.000 - Rp 20.000 every month. Your account also will active forever.

Provide Convenience

One of the most felt advantages of e-wallets is that they offer high convenience and flexibility. To use this digital wallet, we only need to install the e-wallet application on a smartphone. With this, we no longer need to carry thick wallets full of cash, debit / credit cards, or queue to make cash withdrawals at ATMs.

Financial Recorded

This e-wallet is that it has a transaction history that makes it easier to record finances. Easily find the transaction history that you want to search and store securely in digital form. The recorded transaction information is also more detailed and arranged in such a way that it looks neat and clear.

Offers Promotions

Various promotions presented by digital payment services will benefit users. Promotions such as cashback or discounts are one of the things that attracts users to use these services.

Lower Risk

If it is stolen, we can block the e-wallet via an account connected to the mobile device. That way, the money in the digital wallet may no longer be used.

Administration Free

The e-wallets do not burden administration fees which can reduce our wallet balances. This means that your deposit will not reduce every months.

Payment Anything

Not only ordinary purchases, there are many other things you can buy with e-wallets. For example, buying credit, paying bills, and paying environmental fees!.

"One time deposit, you can doing anything for financial pupose"

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Get more benefit for using wallet by deposit your money. You can pay easily and fastly for any purpose in payment term. Promos and reward will get everytime you deposit and payment.

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